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Non – handmade harnesses on Etsy? Sadly yes!

Recently, we got contacted on our Nekollars Instagram by Chinese agent, who messaged us, that as long as we are selling harnesses, he (or she) can offer wide variety of harnesses, we can resell on our shop.

Of course we refused, as long as we are HANDMADE shop and are selling stuff on server, which is didecated to HANDMADE. But there was one thing we were thinking about – „if this Chinese agent contacted us, did he do the same with other sellers? Did anyone say yes?“ and as we looked into the agent’s catalogue and then on Etsy, we found out, that sadly most of harness shops are not making own harnesses at all – and only reselling this stuff from China.

They obviously think, that if they take their own photo with real woman breasts, of stuff they are only reselling and didn’t do any work on them on their own, nobody will care. And many people don’t know or don’t care, assuming that these shops have sales. Of course it’s not all harness shops around Etsy – but sadly, about more than 50% of them are really not making any stuff on their own. Some of those even didn’t bother to take own photos and used pics from the cataloque. Or from Aliexpress, because we found out, that these harnesses are there for sale too, with same pics.


Sad part is, that these harnesses are sold on Aliexpress for like 2USD – and got resold on server as handmade stuff for 20USD+shipping, or even more to people, who really believe that they bought something, somebody put real effort into making.

Etsy doesn’t make anything about it, because it has, of course, fees from sales of these items.

Please, take closer look on harnesses you buy, because sometimes, you don’t pay for handmade piece, just resold one and extra pic of boobs.

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