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Moving from Etsy

Nekollars Shop

We have crafted various things ever since and then also started to make first sellable handmade chokers in the start of 2016. This kind of craftmanship totally caught us and soon after we realised, that it’s kinda the thing, we’d like to do full time, for our living.

We made over 12 000 sales on Etsy and get more than 2000 five stars reviews in last five years, but selling on Etsy is year by year more and more annoying and Etsy itself is charging on its fees more and more every year. Thats why we decided to move on and open our new standalone shop.

💲As goodbye to Etsy, we set up 25% discount on EVERYTHING on Etsy right now.💲 ➡ 🛒

Thank you all for you support through the years and we hope, that you will stay with us at (Which is now VERY under 🚜 construction, but in theory listings (without pictures) are on, so its paypal checkout, so it should be possible to order something. 😁) for another 5 years and another couple thousands 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews!