Shop FAQ

Shipment questions

Q: Do you ship discreetly?
A: Yes, we are sending all our goods in plain, but safe bubble envelopes. If there is need to describe the item (this is needed for shipments outside EU zone) we label it as “jewelry” or “accessories.” So everything is 100% discreet for you.

Q: I am from USA and tracking didn’t update for some time – should I start to worry about it?
A: If there is “origin post is preparing shipment,” state, that means, that the package was sent to US already, is crossing the ocean and then is waiting in container in warehouse. It’s simply waiting for someone, who will open whole shipment container and scan barcodes of all packages inside. Then tracking will update to “at sorting.” Sadly, this procces can take few weeks and we can’t do anything with it, because there is no way how to make posts work faster 🙁 But then, after it’s scanned and move to sorting, it’s usually elivered pretty quickly. Just check USPS tracking site regularly.

Q: I am from Germany – will my package be delivered by DHL or Deutsch post?
A: According to our experience, it’s delivered by Deutsch post, because postal services takes bubble envelopes as letters.

Q:  I am from USA and USPS claims, that they delivered my package, but they didn’t – what is happening?
A: Oh, we experienced this with USPS services few times before. They sometimes tend to clearly lie about deliveries they didn’t even attempt to make! After we adviced all people who experienced this to call or go to their local post office and ask for the package with their tracking number, they got their packages, which were lying on post offices in storage. We sadly can’t do anything with this USPS tendencies and we hope they will not do it often and that it will not happen to you – but if you do, please, try to contact them. Also please, try to ask them, why they were lying to you and updated tracking to “delivered” without even delivered it. Please, tell us, what they said to you about it, we are very curious, why they do it!


Items questions

Q: Do you send your collars with back tie ribbons?
A: Yes, we always send ribbon to tie the collar with it. Even if you buy padlock with your collar, you will always get the ribbon, too, in case you’d wanted to use it too.

Q: How are your ears attached to the head? Clips or headband?
A: Every ears now come with pair of clips, which are however detachable from them and you are able to replace them yourself with different clips, which suit you better, or even with slim headband, if you prefer ears on headbands.

Q: What is exact difference between made-to-order and premade collars?
A: Premade collars are, like their title says, already made and are currently in stock, ready to be sent. They are premade in size, which is stated in they can’t be altered any further, as long as they are already finished. (We can alter then any way you’d like if you ask for custom, though, of course.) Made-to order collars are not made yet, so they take much more time to create, which depends if we have all materials for them or we have to order it for you. It can be a week, it can be four weeks. But they can be made in any sizing, even with some customization, if you message us about it before purchase. So each have their plusses or minuses.

Q: I want some kind of made to order collar, but I’d like to rush the order a bit, I can’t wait four to six weeks for creating of it – is it somehow possible?
A: Message us with link to the collar, before the purchase and we will take a look, if we have all materials, required. If not, we will suggest you some slight changes with materials, we currently have.