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Surprise Mystery Seasonal Collar

Today, we’d like to introduce something brand new, we offer at our shop 🙂

Are you a model, preparing for seasonal photoshoot? Or ever wanted to match season, which is to come?

We got you covered, with our surprise seasonal collar, which will be made from scratch just for you, specially designed to somehow represent one of four seasons of the year (depending of course on the time, when you buy it!)

While designing your surprise collar, we will also take a peek to your personal favorites on your profile, to see what kind of style you personally like. Though, final design will be of course mystery which you will uncover at the time you will open your package. And of course, package itself will be, as always, 100% discreet.

Depending on time of the year, we will make for you:

    • Colourful, joyful and rainbow kind of collar.
    • It can be in pastel, or any bright color.
    • Will resemble you blooming of flowers, first sun, baby animals and wild spring rivers, nature, coming back to life after long sleep.
    • Main colors: pink, light green, sky blue, lilac, pastel yellow, white, …
Ddlg choker – Mint sunset
    • Collar in colors, which are resembling summer.
    • Will resemble you beaches, sun,warm evenings, glowing and bright night starry sky, summer blossoming, first roses in gardens.
    • Main colors: sky blue, sea blue, sandy or ivory, red or reddish pink, dark blue, …
Pearl choker – Mermaid fair
Kitten play collar – Sweet Anabella
    • Collar in warm, natural colors, maybe it can also be something darker, as greyish autumn skies are.
    • Will resemble you naturally colourful falling leaves, misty, gloomy mornings, last rays of sleepy sun, warm wine with cinnamon, autumn themed flowery.
    • Main colors: Red, beige, brownish, ivory, grey, green, purple, …
Gothic choker – Death rose
Steampunk choker – Blood and steam
    • Collar in cold icy colors.
    • Will resemble you snow, ice,winter holiday and their joyful atmosphere, dark winter nights and cozy fireplaces at home.
    • Main colors: White, blue, silver, gold, dark red, green, …
Kitten play spiked collar – Winter ice
Steampunk choker – Milady Isadora

We will send collars themed to particular season, at the end of previous season and at the beggining of a current one, so that you will be able to use them for example for themed photoshoots. It means, that if you will buy your mystery seasonal collar at the end of winter, we will send you out spring collar already, but if you will buy seasonal collar at the begining of spring, we will still send you spring collar. But if you will buy it at the end of spring, we will already provide you with summer themed one. And so on.

So right now, when this article comes out, WINTER THEME is on! 🙂 So get ready for winter with new, surprise collar! 

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