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Christmas without stress!

Christmas season is getting near and as every year, even though nobody wants it, there will be lot of stress around. Huge amount of this stress is caused by postage slowness at this period of time. Like really, guys. International sorting, especially at USPS company, is hell.

Postal services are totally unpredictable. Sometimes, it take just a week to arrive to US from Europe, sometimes package get stuck at sorting for weeks. For that reason, we would like to give you advice, which will ease your stress:


It might sound odd, but there is nothing wrong with being sure, everything will arrive in time. Maybe (and most probably) it will arrive too soon, because your package will be sorted in time. But that’s no big deal, you can just hide your gift for your loved one somewhere, waiting till it will be Christmas. Overall stress level is going rapidly down at this case! Also, our goods are small enough to fit into every secret corner or drawer. 😉

Also, we of course tried to be stocked with crafting materials as possible, before this period, but made to order stuff will still take some time to be made. And closer to Christmas, you will have to count, that there will be also other people, buying stuff, which we, in many cases will have to create, sew and decorate. We always do our MTO (made to order) orders in the timeline frame, as they were bought. So again, if you will buy stuff now, you will be at top of the list, with huge chance that your order will be dispatched very soon. This doesn’t apply to our “premade” stuff, these can be sent out immediately just within few days, as long as they are already in stock here. Right now, we are trying to stock new premade designs of all stuff we do as much as possible, so that you will also have huge selection of these, for last time shopping. 🙂

Also, last thing, which maybe can catch your attention – we have added variety of lootboxes to our shop! Mystery box from us is perfect gift itself, because it contains various stuff from us, made to size you choose and also some other extra little gifts!

So, dear customers, don’t wait till begining of December, say huge NO to pre-Christmas stress and get ready for Christmas now! 🙂

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