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Collar with O-ring versus D-ring

This time, we will write something about facts and BDSM proofness of our play collars ๐Ÿ™‚

From time to time, we get customer question, if our collars are BDSM proof. Sometimes, there is also written, that they had destroyed collars from another shops before. Well, we cannot really assure quality of the others. We only can describe, what we do to make our collars durable and strong. And what you can consider, before buying collar from us.

ALL (no matter how “sof or cute” they look) of our collars are on study webbing base.

First answer, of course, is yes – we DO our collars BDSM proof as much as possible. They all are made on the base of heavy duty webbing, which is used for dog collars, nylon horse halters, backpack straps and many other things, which need to be as strong as possible. There is no way, we put pleat just on satin ribbon, without this webbing. Collars without webbing can break anytime. So base of collar can take anything you would want to give it.

Chinnese and western quality O-Rings.

So – is there anything, that limits performance of collars like that? Sadly, there can be. Itโ€™s called O-ring. Even though, that for last half year or so, we are using best O-rings on the market, made in US and supposed to be used on collars for small dogs, you still have to count with the fact, that even though they will not fall out of the strong webbing in the collar – they are, in fact, still meant to lead SMALL dogs. And you have much more force, when pulling, than chihuahua has. ๐Ÿ™‚ That means, than when you really pull much, you can bend the O in the O-ring – and your collar will start to look, letโ€™s say not so pretty, with bent O in front. Yes, even these, US made O-rings can be bent. Not even talking about China-made stuff, that someone other can use!

Spot the difference.

So, please, when buying O-ring collar, be cautious. These collars are very pretty and decorative. They also can be used for some lighter sort of play, without real force. You can even lead your kitten/puppy/e.t.c. on lead with these (at least with our O-rings, again, we cannot speak for others.) But if you want something, that is really heavy duty – use collar with big ring in front – or, of course – D-ring.ย 

Our O-Ring collar Simply spiked.

We put our D-rings on strong grosgrain ribbons, with melted ends to prevent any fraying and secure them with at least three seams everytime. Each seam is also sewn multiple times front and back, to ensure that they never will start fall apart. Ever. This is the reason, we make all our fullsets with leashes with D-ring collars and not O-ring ones. D-rings themselves are made of very durable material and canโ€™t be bent by any pulling. And because of our high care with their sewing on collar – they also cannot be torn out from collar.

Our D-ring set Dangerous pet.

Please, keep it in mind, when you will be deciding, which collar is the best solution for you and your intended use. 

Also, keep in mind, that any collar, which is sold with O-ring in front, can be made also with D-ring in front, as custom order. Usually for the same price, with no extra fee for customising. ๐Ÿ™‚

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