Made to Order – kitten play collar – Violet moon – black and purple gothic princess ruffled lolita choker with purple bell kittenplay pet

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Item, listed here, is made to order – which means, that we will start to making your stuff after it will be ordered by you, in size, you will choose. This proccess can take several weeks, as long as we don’t have to possess all materials needed and some of them will have to be ordered and this can take some extra time. Plus, of course, we will have to sew it together, too, which can take some time. If you need your stuff a.s.a.p., we suggest you to look at pre-made collars and sets. We have several hundreds of them on shop and these can be sent in few days to you.

If you don’t mind the wait, you can proceed and purchase this item. We will not cancel order of made-to-order collar, because buyer didn’t read description and thought, it will arrive in one week from ordering or so. We set proccessing and creating time to six weeks in these orders. Of course, there is posibility, that we will have all necessary materials and then it will be sent within a week or so – but please don’t relay on that. Sometimes we really have to order materials from abroad and wait for them!

This is not synonym for custom order. When you want custom collar, for example with another colors, charms an laces, message us with your wish and we will create you custom listing for purchase.
With this purchase, you will get just a custom sized stuff, like you see on photo.

Black collar, about 4cm wide. Body is machine-sewn, details are hand-sewn.

Body is made of webbing bace and satin ribbons. Details are made of metal, and satin ribbon.

Closure: D-rings and satin ribbon (which is of course included)

Shipping: We always ship with tracking number and insurance. Also we send al our packages discreetly, labeled as jewelry, or necklace.

For additional info check out our FAQ here:

If you want custom order (bigger choker, another colors, another charm, etc.) – contact us via messages and we will create you custom order.

1 review for Made to Order – kitten play collar – Violet moon – black and purple gothic princess ruffled lolita choker with purple bell kittenplay pet

  1. Lucy

    It didn’t take too long to ship, which I was very happy about. The quality of the item is incredible. It’s very comfy and looks exactly like in the pictures. It was definitely worth every penny. I highly recommend buying from this shop, I’ve bought from them before and have only had good experiences with this shop and the seller. I will be buying from them again in the future.

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