Nekollars Mystery Pink Box – Suprise package with Collar included – Get sweet, be pink!



Pink suprise box from Nekollars! Comes in three different sizes SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE.

When buying, Box Size (Small/Medium/Large) is for size of the box and size in inches its there for collar. 🙂

Are you pink lover? If you are, this is the right surprise box for you!

In this box, you will get cute themed stuff – and everything will be in pink, or in pink-and-some-color combination! As always, we guarantee you one of our high quality collars in the box, which will be made just for you. But what else will you find?

Also, you can find some of these items:
– Matching hair bows
– Cat ears
– Cute hair accessories
– Some lovely stickers
– Plush toy
– Cat toy
– Keychains
– Jewelry, resin pendants
– Cute pouch
– Bath salt/bomb/any other cute bath accessories
– Glitter vegan glycerine soap
– Maybe even matching cuffs, or MORE collars! 🙂
– … and many more pink cute stuff

All boxes will be done equivalent to their price, and we really think, that you will just LOVE them!

Also, shipping of them WILL be 100% discreet. All good stuff will be hidden inside the box!
If you buy this box together with some other collars from our store, you will find them inside the box, too, they will be packed there with all stuff, which belong to it. 🙂

Additional information

Box size

Small box, Medium Box, Large Box

Neck Size

11", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20"


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