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Happy New Year from Nekollars

Happy Ney Year, guys!

First of all, we’d like to thank you for all support we got from you through all over year. Every order fills us with joy and encourages us to keep doing, what we do. Also, without you, nothing of what we made, wouldn’t be possible. So thank you all for everything.

Promo pic from Pepsi Cocaine.

So what did we do in 2018?

Alongside with many new collar designs (which now, also many other shops started to do too, haha) we introduced harnesses and hair bows to our shop. They were sold just as premades so far – but it seems, that you have interrest in those, so we will continue with them and make them available for customizations. We also tried to take most popular premade collars and make them „made to order“ and in customizable sizings. It was, as it seems, greatly appreciated, because even though they take some time to make, our made to order collars are very desired by you, our customers. We also added option to buy matching cuffs with these collars – and we will continue adding new made to orders and also keep editing these, we already have and add matching cuff option to them. At the end of the year, we also listed few new ball gags, with cute bows and pleats. So far, we made only few of them, but we will continue making some new over the time.

And for next year? We are already planning to add some new features and things to our shop, alongside with new collar designs in many color combinations and new pendants. We recently bought adjustable sewing mannequin, so that we will be able to make our harnesses in any custom sizing. We will start to make them „to order.“ We also will introduce first made to order hair bows, which will have two options for clip and custom length of bow tails. We would like to add lolita headbands, with pleats and frills on them. We also would like to add some brand new garters. First of them will be made to match our most popular collars, and we will see, if there will be some demand for them from you, guys.

So that’s it, for some review and preview, of what we are planning! Hope you will enjoy our shop even more, than before. We also hope, that you will need some new collars for 2019! Just a reminder, every month, there is new „monthly collar“ for just $10 + shipping. So if you really want to, you can get brand new collar every month 😀

Happy New Year to all of you, we hope, this year will be great success to you all!

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