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Nekollars monthly featured collar – March 2019

Nekollars monthly collar for March 2019
Nekollars monthly collar for March 2019

What is “monthly collar?”
– It’s a type of promoting action from our shop. We counted and promoting in general cost us more, than releasing limited amount of collars for very low price. As long as people will buy it for very low price, try it and experience our quality, we believe that they will eventually come back for more – or show this collar to friends. So “montlhy collar” is kind of adverisment.

It’s also a service for our fans, who already knows about our collars and likes them. These has no real searching tags, except “nekollars” so basically you have to know that we exists to find out about these.

Anyone can purchase these, as long as they are in stock. Then, this design will be moved to “made to order” section, where it will be sold for full price. So don’t hesitate, they can’t be here with price tag like this forever!

If it will work, and there will be some demand for these, we plan to release limited amount of one new design every month and see, how it will work for us in long term.

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