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Ger ready for summer with our harnesses!

Body harness bra Kaliel
Body harness bra Kaliel – Shop here!

Summer is getting near and if you want something special to wear over your tanktop outfit, or with beach bikini, maybe you will stumble across one of our harnesses!

As you can see on our promoters, harnesses, especially the colourful ones and cute ones with bows and charms, are not only sexy stuff for romantic evenings, but can also be pretty stylish alternative streetwear accessories.

Our harness on Sugardoll
Our harness modeled by Princesslittlewaifu.

We started with just a few, as we learned β€žhow to harness,β€œ they started as pretty simple bra ones and evolved into more complex set of elastic ribbons crossing at different part of body. In fact, we could learn to be better and better at making them and experiment further only because of you, people, who encouraged us with purchases and many positive feedbacks and cute messages about how you got them and how you love them. Thank you all from bottoms of our hearts for all that!

Our harnesses are of course also suitable for winter :) Modeled by Blue Astrid.
Our harnesses are of course also suitable for winter πŸ™‚ Modeled by Blue Astrid.

Our goal in the start, which is still actual, of course, was to offer good quality body harnesses, which are really handmade, with tight and secured sewing lines. Harnesses, which can last for long time without being broken and which can be pulled and stretched. And, because there was a demand for them, even from the start, right now we have over 90 harnesses in our shop – some premade in stock, others are made to order and can be made specially for you. If you write us about it, we can also add bows of your choice to them or change their color to fit you style.

Our harness on plus size model Calista.
Our plus size harness modeled by Calista.

Also, because of your support with purchases, we were able to buy pretty expensive professional sewing mannequin, which is adjustable in size – and because of that, we are able to make harnesses in practically any sizing, even plus size ones – so everyone who wants, can wear them! Isn’t it great?

Mermaid elastic bra harness - Siriel
Mermaid elastic bra harness Siriel – Shop Now!

Right now, we are starting to add our new summer collection, which is flowery and colourful. These harnesses are radiating pure summer vibes, they are playful, cute and stylish. We also have pastel mermaid scale ones. Try them! Soon, we will hopefully add more, if our schedule of made to order purchasses will allow us to create something premade. πŸ˜€

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