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Set suggestions – part I

Over the time, we added several new ball gags to our shop. Some of them we made specifically to fit some of our popular collars, so that they could be bought together, as a set.

Buying more things together has one great advantage – Our Etsy automatically combines shipping, if you put more stuff into your cart and then go through checkout with all of them together – so you will save greatly on shipping. Because we have LOADS of stuff listed in our shop, (so you have more to choose from to fit your personality and preferences!) we decided to show you some possible ways of combining our stuff – of course with links to listings. And who knows? Maybe you will find something you like! Or you can, of course, combine your own set.

We prepared few articles about these suggestions. And you are reading very first one of these.


This set is based on collar „Crystal candy.“ This collar can also be bought with matching cuffs option! We personally picked some matching stuff for it. But there are many more, especially pink harnesses! We can also make any of our „made to order“ harness, which have bows, with silvery grey bows, instead of any other color, we are selling it with – to go with the set perfectly.

This ball gag has the same lace and same crystal stones, as the collar has. So it’s kinda ideal match together! Gag bite is a bit darker, than softest baby pink, we use on „Crystal candy“ collar and matching ballgag, but sadly, gag bites don’t come in softer pink colouration. We did what we could to make it look best possible way.

These hair bows are big and cute. Size of the modelling skull is 1:1 size of real human skull, so that you know, how big they really are.

If big bow is „too big“ for you, it’s understandable. For that cases, we also have tiny (about 2,5 inches) hair clips with small crocodile clip on their back side.

Our premade harnesses have set their sizing – but not this one! This one is „made to order“ and will be sewn for you from scratch. It’s made of very stretchy (but sturdy) soft materiál and can be made to fit any sizing you need.

This is example of a harness, which can have grey silvery bows on it, instead of pink, which are originally on the listing. Any harness can be customised, unless i tis premade – about premade stuff, please, ask us first, if the changes are possible, or you have to get custom listing. But with made to order harnesses – we can make these in any color for you.

Also, before you go, check out our cat ears section. Selection of cat ears varies and changes almost everyday, as there are new ears periodically, some get sold out and some get restocked again.

So what do you think? Maybe it’s time to get something pink and silver?

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